Team 3 2022 - 2023

Miss Roberts

Welcome to TEAM 3

2022 - 2023

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Class Teacher - Miss Roberts

       Teaching Assistant - Mrs Thompson

       Teaching Assistant - Mr Thompson





School Rules

Team 3 always follow our school rules which are: READY, RESPECTFUL and SAFE! 

Building Learning Powers

We will be focusing on the Learning Powers that are most relevant to our class this year. These will include, reasoning, managing distractions, absorption, collaboration and perseverance.


Our Contexts for Learning


History – Stone Age to Iron Age
Geography – UK Study


Geography -The Americas
Compare and contrast South America (Tierra
del Fuego) with North West England



History- Roman Empire and its effect on Britain
History –Childhood through time (include Victorian)



Aut 1


Aut 2

Forces and magnets


Spr 1

Animals including


Spr 2

Animals including



Sum 1


Sum 2




We follow strategies based on Singapore Maths at JH Godwin. This involves allowing children to experience  concepts in concretly (hands on) in depth before progressing on to pictorial representations, followed by abstract representations. The children deepen their learning and demonstrate mastery of a concept through finally and problem solving and reasoning activities. 

See below for a guide to our learning focuses throughout the year.

Autumn 1

Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Autumn 2

Multiplication and Division

Measuring Lengths

Spring 1

Multiplication and Division


Spring 2


Length and perimeter

Fractions 1

Summer 1

Fractions 2


Summer 2

Measuring mass and capacity




This year we will be basing our English on the Read into Write units, using stunning picture books and novels to really inspire us and develop our vocabulary.

In English we will also be developing our grammar, punctuation and spelling.


In PE this year, we will be looking at lots of team sports such as football, tag rugby, dodgeball, basket ball, cricket and rounders. We will also develop our skills in gymnastics and athletics. Please make sure  PE kits are in school everyday!

Art and Design Technology

We will be developing our creative skills through designing and making mechanisms, learning important life skills through cooking, and learning to stitch. We will be deepening our artistic skills through exploring complementary colours, printing and create collages. 


Team 3 will be learning the Spanish numbers, colours, animals and foods and learning how Spain celebrates Easter and Epiphany. We will also be looking at Spanish carnivals.

Religious Education

In R.E, we will be exploring thought-provoking questions based around different religions from around the world. We will be learning about Islam (Does praying 5 times a day help Muslims in their lives? Does going to the mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging?), Christianity (Has Christmas lost its true meaning? Could Jesus really heal people? Was Good Friday really good?) and Sikhism (Does joing the Khalsa make you a better Sikh?).


In Music, Team 3 will be exploring different types of music including R&B, Motown, Reggae, Disco and listening to music from around the world. We will also be learning to play the Glockenspiel.


This year, Team 3 will be learning to control and programme using Code Studio, learning to research and stay safe on the internet, explore simulations and become adept at using word processing programmes.


Reading Essentials

Please read with your child at least5 times per week. Write the book title and a comment in the reading record. You can also write in any other reading that happens at home – not just school books e.g. Football mags, comics, fact books, short stories etc.

Times tables

Times tables are very important in Team 3, please practice these with your children at home. 

Why not practice your X tables with a game of Hit the Button?

Everyone also has their own log-in for TT Rock Stars. 

Home learning will now be sent via Class Dojo.





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