Computing at J H Godwin

The intent:

The computing curriculum at J H Godwin is designed to give pupils appropriate experiences to develop as confident, responsible online citizens. Our children are exposed to a range of online games and content and as a result of this need to understand the dangers and risks and how to act safely online. Our children need to learn about the wider range and powerful uses of computing and be inspired by the possibilities they present. As immersive technologies and applications evolve, our curriculum will prepare children and equip them with the skills for a future workplace which at present, cannot be determined. Our aim is to provide opportunities for children to develop as inquisitive, independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations; who make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society through the use of computing.


By the end of EYFS children will be able to recognize that a range of technology is used at home and in school. They will be able to select and use equipment for different purposes, and be able to turn on and operate simple equipment, for example, turning on and using an iPad or a CD player.


By the end of KS1 children will be able to understand what an algorithm is, be able to create, debug and predict the behavior of simple programs. They will understand how to stay safe online, be able to get online and use websites to find information. Children will be able to use technology to add text to pictures, take photos and videos on digital devices, create simple pictograms and bar charts, and be able to safely share information online.


By the end of KS2 children will be able to design, write and debug programs, and know that this is coding, and be able to explain how an algorithm works. They will be able to work with conditional commands and variables within a code. Children will be able to search for information and decide if it is useful, and they will know what to do if they come across inappropriate content or cyber bullying by following the e-safety rules. Children will be able to create and present information in a variety of different ways, including, manipulating digital images, publishing and sharing work online, and using power point, excel and word documents.


The implementation:

In our school computing is fed into all areas of the curriculum through a topic based approach. Children will be taught skills discretely where required and then have an opportunity to apply these in other curriculum areas, this should include but not be limited to: using Google maps to examine terrain in other countries, using videos and photography to examine angles of throws in P.E or to measure distance, using virtual reality apps such as morpho to create an interview with a historical figure, using video to record and edit stories in English.

Computing should be used in every term of teaching and opportunities to use computing skills should be planned in at least once a week. In Key Stage One, access to computing resources should be available in all independent learning environments. See our EYFS policy for information on how our early years curriculum is delivered.

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