Our curriculum is designed to recognise children’s prior learning, both from previous settings and their experiences at home. We work in partnership with parents, carers and other settings to provide the best possible start at JH Godwin, ensuring each individual reaches their full potential from their various starting points. Our enabling environments and warm, skilful adult interactions support the children as they begin to link learning to their play and exploration right from the start. Our aim in EYFS is to encourage children to become resilient, capable, confident and self-assured through the learning environment. Due to low levels of life experience, self-care, speech and language for around 70% of our children, we place high importance on developing vocabulary, teaching world knowledge and social emotional development. We do this by building on children’s life experiences and aim to develop children’s knowledge and skills through a balanced play based curriculum allowing them to explore and learn in the environment. The areas in the classroom reflect this through a variety of resources to develop social interactions, inviting reading areas to encourage a love of books and literature and a language rich environment. It is important to us that all children in the provision are safe and we guide the children with choices to help them develop this important life skill using our behaviour system Ready, Respectful and Safe. In our provision, we develop caring, respectful, professional relationships with the children and their families. We recognise that children learn and develop well when there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and/or carers. We place high priority on parental engagement through family breakfast, open door policy, dojo reward system and sharing children's progress on Learning Book. By the end of the Reception year our intent is to ensure that all children make at least good progress from their starting points and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to have a smooth transition into Year 1.


Literacy Counts- The Something by Rebecca Cobb 

Our Literacy lessons will always start with a hook to engage children into the book and excite them to explore the text.

Reception Team found a mysterious hole in our forest, they discussed what might be underneath the hole. 


My Happy Mind - In the Meet your brain module we read the story 'Berty and Betty's play date' and we learnt about how incredible our brain is and enjoyed making Brain hats. The children also shared how they could grow their brains and how they learn best in school. 


Forest School - Every half term the children enjoy exploring in the Forest, participating in forest school activities and following important safety rules. 

Reception Team found the Owl babies around the forest, they made a nest for them and used pine cones to make their own owls. They also loved making s'mores on the camp fire. 


Art - In Reception Team we learn about different artists every term and persevere to complete our own art work.

Reception Team talked about the artist Andy Goldsworthy a land Artist and photographer who creates his work from natural materials. They looked at his work and created our own pictures. 


Reading for pleasure 

To encourage love of reading we enhance our environment with inviting reading areas, providing books to children's interests and exploring a range of different texts. We read at least two books a day to the whole class which are chosen by the children and read by different adults, male and female. Reception Team have Year 6 buddies who also come to read to them weekly and when the children begin to read simple sentences they also read to their buddies. 

Word Aware 

Our aim is to enhance childrens language by introducing new words, exploring words read in books and talking about the meaning. We love the Word Aware rap to shout the word, wisper the word and do an action. Concept cat also introduces a story using different words to encourage children to use it in their play. We involve parents by putting the word of the week on the notice board, sending messages home on Class Dojo and encouraging parents to let us know when their child has used the new words in a sentence. Check out our twitter page for videos of the children doing the Word Aware rap. 


Culture and Religion

We understand the importance of educating children about different cultures and religions to become aware of acceptance and equality in society. Therefore, we celebrate different events and explore different festivals by making things, painting, drawing and reading books. 


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Places to visit 

  • Chester Zoo
  • Wepre park
  • Delamere Forest 
  • Tatton park
  • Grosvenor museum
  • New Brighton beach 
  • Sea Life Manchester 
  • Manchester Art Gallery 
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • Imagine That! Science and Discovery Centre


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