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Here at J H Godwin, the intent of our Geography curriculum is to lay the foundations for a greater understanding and knowledge of the world, as well as inspiring in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. We aim to promote the children's interest and understanding of diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments. 



We do this by:

Providing all pupils with equal access to a rich, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum matched well to their ages, abilities, interests, aptitudes and individual needs.

Increasing pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding as they grow and develop and increase their connections with the world around them.

Carefully planning our curriculum to ensure that learning is continuous and that pupils make good progress with the development of their learning.

Engaging the children’s interest and to encourage and motivate them to want to learn. In many instances the children will be partners in planning their curriculum.

Teaching an exciting curriculum and offering pupils lots of first-hand experiences to reinforce their learning and to underpin their growing knowledge, skills and understanding of the world, which will prepare them to be active members of a future community.

Opening their eyes to awe and wonder and cause them to marvel at the incredible and fantastic world in which they live.


How do we teach Geography at J H Godwin?

Teachers use the National Curriculum 2014 to support planning and ensure they deliver progressive and challenging lessons. Geography is often linked to History, English and Science to create a broad and balanced curriculum. In the Foundation Stage geography is planned for using the Early Learning Goals for Knowledge and Understanding of the world.

We encourage children to explore the world around them by asking questions such as:

  • Where is this place?
  • What is it like? (And why?)
  • How and why is it changing?
  • How does this place compare with other places?
  • How and why are places connected?

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See Document 'EYFS' to see what Geography looks like in the Early Years at our school and how it links to the KS1 and KS2 curriculum. 


Teaching children about the wider environment

Priority is given to first- hand experiences of concepts and pupils  are given opportunities to complete field work each term. High-quality resources and use of the school’s wider environment including outdoor facilities and links and visits within the local community are utilised to deliver the curriculum including Forest SchoolLocal nature parks and farms and Safari Rangers from Chester Zoo.


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Geographical terms are taught and modelled using Word Aware strategies. Learning environments are used to encourage learning of new and challenging vocabulary.

Click this link to view a geographical vocabulary list for each topic.


Computing and Curriculum Links

Links with other curriculum areas, especially English, Maths and ICT are utilised through engaging activities planned by the teacher.  Pupils are given opportunities, where appropriate, to develop and apply their information technology capability in their study of geography.  

Below are some really useful websites to support your child's learning:


How can you support your child's geographical learning?

You can help to continue to encourage your child's love of geography at home! Below are links to opportunities for developing your child's geographical knowledge in the local area:

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